Nalgene Bottle Review: OTF Model

nalgene bottle review

Everyone loves a good water bottle that’s built to last and doesn’t leak. This post is going to review a bottle from one of the largest water bottle manufacturers – Nalgene. Our Nalgene bottle review is going to cover their On The Fly (OTF) model which is built for convenience and durability. The Company – Nalgene First off, […]

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Fontus the Self Refilling Water Bottle


What is Fontus? Fontus is young innovative company that aims to achieve some big goals. The company was founded by an Austrian industrial designer named Kristof Retezár who has set out on a mission find methods to harvest water from the earth’s atmosphere. According to their website, there is about 13,000 KM3 of unexploited atmospheric water. Their […]

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12 Tips For An Eco Friendly House

eco friendly house

The benefits of an eco friendly house are plenty and quite advantageous for both homeowners and the environment alike. Implementing eco friendly initiates into a house usually means costs savings in the long run as many of these strategies aim to reduce energy consumption. Although there may require a slight change in the way you live […]

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