TexereSilk’s EcoComfort Bamboo Bathrobe Review

texeresilk bamboo bathrobe review

When it comes to clothing, they requires a huge amount of resources to produce. Everything from farming the material, to labour, transportation, etc. However, the material farming process is one that is changing for the better for the environment, thanks to the growing use of bamboo. This eco product review is of an item from a clothing company called TexereSilk. The product is their EcoComfort Bamboo Bathrobe which has already been previously featured on EcoShopr due to its use of the incredibly sustainable resource – bamboo.

The Company – TexereSilk


TexereSilk is a clothing company that offers elegant and artistic clothes for men, women, and kids. They are a part of a larger company called the New England Mercantile Group (NEMG), a global product sourcing group. Both TexereSilk and NEMG share the same goals as far as sustainable procurement and social responsibility. As mentioned in their Social Philosophy page, their philosophy of social responsibility is comprised of 3 main components.

  • Human and Organizational Relationships
  • Eco Awareness
  • Preservation of Native Cultures and Social Cohesion

TexereSilk is keen to help increase demand for the work of indigenous artist and help ensure that cultures and traditions are not lost with the ever-increasing mass production of products.

What Is It Made Of?

The EcoComfort bamboo bathrobe is made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton for extra strength and durability. The bamboo viscose process is the more prevalent method of creating fabric from bamboo plants. As Texeresilk explains,

It takes bamboo plant pulp and extrudes it through mechanical spinnerets to make fiber. With technological advancements happening in the field, it is expected that it will soon be economically viable to make bamboo pulp through mechanical process without the use of chemical agents.

bamboo viscose production

Src: texeresilk.com

Using a combination of both bamboo viscose and cotton allows for this bathrobe to be derived largely from environmentally friendly materials as well as be practical for the wearer. Here are a few images of the TexereSilk bamboo bathrobe packaging / product.

TexereSilk outer packaging wrap

outer packaging

Inner packaging and garment collection booklet

 inner packaging

Front of EcoComfort bamboo bathrobe

bathrobe front

Back of EcoComfort bamboo bathrobe

bathrobe back

Front of bathrobe with hands in pockets

bathrobe hands in pockets

Bathrobe pocket up-close

bathrobe pocket

The Benefits of Bamboo

There are a wide range of benefits when using bamboo as a substitute for traditional materials in clothing. A few major incentives for using bamboo include its environmental advantages such as:

  • Bamboo absorbs 5x the amount of CO2, and produces 35% more oxygen than other plants in the same amount of space
  • Fastest growing plant on earth (up to a metre per day)
  • Greater yield (bamboo can produce the same volume as cotton using only 10% of land area)
  • Bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable
  • Can be harvested without being uprooted and provides benefits to the soil as it retains water and prevents soil erosion
  • Naturally bacteria and pest resistant
  • Requires less water than the average plant

Additionally, the EcoComfort bamboo bathrobe offers a few extra benefits for the wearer, as it is:

  • odor resistant,
  • temperature regulating,
  • moisture absorbing,
  • and hypoallergenic.

EcoComfort Bamboo Bathrobe Review – In Summary

In summary, TexereSilk’s EcoComfort Bamboo Bathrobe is a solid bathrobe that’s light, breathable, comfortable, and warm. The fact that it uses bamboo also allows it to offer additional benefits, as mentioned above, that other non-bamboo based bathrobes do not. Since the bathrobe consists of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton some may ask why the robe isn’t made with a higher percentage of bamboo viscose? Creating the bathrobe with the mix of bamboo and cotton helps strengthen the fabric and increase its durability. Additionally, upon looking at other bamboo bathrobe alternatives, this product contains one of the highest amounts of bamboo-to-other-material ratios.

As for the bathrobe itself, I don’t have any complaints. It wears comfortably, and seems durable enough to last many years.

However, the main downfall I noticed upon receiving this product was in regard to the packaging. The packing that the robe comes in is albeit very nice, however, is not the most eco-friendly. The outer wrapping of the package is a sort of thick tissue paper. Once this is removed, the robe and other items such as a garment collection brochure, a couple of fact sheets, and an additional piece of cardboard are all contained which a fitted plastic zipper bag. As mentioned, although all of these additions look nice, they do produce waste as the packaging and additional items often get thrown out. Also, none of the additions had any sign of being recyclable or derived from biodegradable or eco-friendly materials.

To wrap up this bamboo bathrobe review, I have overall enjoyed wearing this bathrobe so far. Not only is it comfortable and provides additional benefits for the wearer as it is bamboo-based, but as a consumer you can also feel better about making a more eco-friendly decision by choosing products made from materials that have a low ecological footprint.

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TexereSilk's EcoComfort Bamboo Bathrobe

TexereSilk's EcoComfort Bamboo Bathrobe








        • 70% bamboo based
        • Added benefits of bamboo (e.g. hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, etc)
        • Comfortable and durable


        • Non eco-friendly packaging
        • Additional items such as brochures, sheets, etc. that will likely end up in waste
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