Ecoshopr’s Product Criteria

EcoShopr’s main focus is to curate environmentally friendly products that you can purchase to replace their non-environmentally counterparts. See, there are tons of products available on the market today that either aren’t made with eco-friendly ingredients or the companies themselves have no desire to produce products with the environment in mind.

Luckily, there are certain companies and products available that can act as an alternative for these non-environmentally friendly goods. Furthermore, by purchasing a product through this site, you’ll be helping the environment even more as EcoShopr plants 1 tree for every item ordered.

We have a few criteria that we look for before featuring a product on EcoShopr. A potential product must meet at least one of the following 6 criteria:

  1. The product is made from recycled or renewable ingredients (e.g. bamboo)
  2. The product is made to last thus producing less waste in the long run
  3. The product is non-toxic, chemical free, or biodegradable
  4. The product is made to educate consumers about how to live a greener life (e.g. check out educational books section)
  5. The product’s manufacturing company employs eco-conscious initiatives (e.g. see our list of impactful environmentally friendly companies)
  6. The product replaces a conventional energy source with one that has less of an environmental footprint (e.g. solar panels or carbon neutral batteries)