Fontus the Self Refilling Water Bottle


What is Fontus?

Fontus is young innovative company that aims to achieve some big goals. The company was founded by an Austrian industrial designer named Kristof Retezár who has set out on a mission find methods to harvest water from the earth’s atmosphere. According to their website, there is about 13,000 KM3 of unexploited atmospheric water. Their two pending projects, the Fontus Ryde and Airo both aim to collect fresh water from the atmosphere making it more accessible to people who do not have reliable access to water.

Airo Ryde
fontus airo fontus ryde


If successful, this project could have major impacts for both outdoors men and women as well as people who live a great distance away from a water source. By simply using solar energy and the power of condensation, Fontus aims to make potable water much more accesible.

How Does Fontus Work?

Fontus takes advantage of the humidity in the air in order to produce water. In both models, the device uses a solar powered condensator and hydrophobic surfaces which help turn the water vapor into water droplets.


The Fontus

Kristof states that this device works best in temperatures between 86 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit and between 80 – 90% humidity. In these conditions, the Fontus self refilling water bottle can produce about 0.5 quarts (almost a half litre) of water per hour.

The Airo model is built to be portable and used in a variety of situations such as hiking, camping, etc. This version uses a small solar panel which connects to the Fontus water bottle and has a cooling system within the bottle to create condensation.


The Ryde model on the other hand is being built to attach to a bicycle and thus use the airstream of your ride to help create condensation. The Ryde model is also equipped with a small solar panel on the side of the bottle casing.


When Can I Get it?

At the time of writing this article, the founder has mentioned that they hope to launch the product by the fall. Their website states that a crowdfunding campaign is soon on the way on they aim to be able to sell the self refilling water for under $100.

Possible Issues With Fontus

There are still a few things to consider and a few kinks to iron out before this self refilling water bottle is ready for market. For instance,

  • In locations where air pollution is a major problem, the self refilling water bottle is likely not going to be an appealing solution. Fontus has however mentioned that they are thinking about making a bottle which contains a carbon filter to help reduce the amount of contamination in the water.
  • Fontus’s optimal conditions of 86 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 – 90% humidity will likely not be the case for many locations. In areas where the conditions are dryer and the need for water is usually more critical, the Fontus may not perform in an acceptable manner.

We really aren’t sure as of yet if the above issues may hinder the usuability of Fontus. The company is still in the prototyping stage, however we here are EcoShopr are excited to see what they come up with and hopefully are able to help making water much more accessible.

Tell us what you think of this self refilling water bottle in the comments section!

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