Ooho! The Edible Water Bottle


What Is Ooho!

Ooho! the edible water bottle is a completely plastic-free, biodegradable way to consume and transport water. Essentially, it is a membrane which is made with seaweed and calcium chloride and is completely safe to eat. This little ball of water aims to reduce the 50 billion plastic water bottles that are polluting our land fills each year.

Each “orb” of water only costs 2 cents to make and if it gets to market it should have some serious environmental impact.

The Impact Ooho! Could Have

Based on a video from one of the creators of Ooho! here are a few quick facts about plastic waters bottles:

  • Plastic water bottles take 700 years to decompose
  • Only 20% of them get recycled
  • Much energy is consumed for recycling purposes
  • 90% of the cost of a water bottle goes towards the plastic bottle itself, not the water
  • It takes 7 litres of water and 162 centilitres of oil to product 1 plastic bottle

The video also goes on to mention that consumption of plastic water bottles is increasing by almost 10% per year.

 bottled-water-consumption-per-personSrc: youtube.com

This rapid consumption may due to a few reasons. For one, many Countries do not have potable drinking water and therefore use plastic bottled water as their primary source. Another reason for the rise may be due to it’s ease of transportability and convenience. As we continue to be a part of a social society which thrives off being productive a continually moving, having an easy, low-cost means to transport water is an attractive feature.

Where Ooho! Falls Short

The Ooho!’s transportability seems to be where it falls short for the time being. Yes the membrane is able to hold a certain amount of water and is environmentally friendly, although from what I can see, it is not very portable. Based on experience, while travelling with a backpack, it tends to be tossed around quite a bit and I’m not sure that I would want a water orb susceptible to bursting under pressure inside my pack. Now, to be fair, I’m not sure just how strong the membrane is, however for someone to simply burst the membrane by sucking on it to extracting the water, it doesn’t appear to be overly rugged.

This may be a major pitfall in the eye of the consumer as people may not see this as something that they could use on a daily basis. This will be something that Ooho! will need to overcome in order to get mass market attention and start converting people from using plastic to drinking from an edible water bottle.

Making Your Own Edible Water Bottle

If you were thinking that making something like the Ooho! would require a PhD in chemistry and team of experts, quite frankly, you thought wrong. You can actually, fairly easily, make something similar to the Ooho! edible water bottle by following the instructions in the video below.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Ooho! edible water bottle. Leave a comment in the section below!

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