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  • Recycled Paper Clips

    Using materials that would otherwise go to waste to create something new is a great way to be more eco-friendly. These recycled paper clips are made of 90% recycled materials; 50% of which is post consumer waste.

  • Stapleless Stapler

    The most eco friendly stapler out there. This stapler doesn't use any staples at all. It pierces an arrow shaped hole into your pages and binds them together, making it hard for them to become separated (recommended 8 pages max).

  • 100 Percent Recycled Multipurpose Paper

    Every year our population uses about 187 billion pounds of paper! This 100% recycled paper is made from food and beverage containers as well as other paper-based materials making it an environmentally friendly paper alternative.

  • Wood-Based Dry Highlighter Pencils

    Millions of highlighters are used each day and between the gel inside and the plastic encasing - they aren't eco-friendly by any means. These biodegradable wood-based highlighters last longer than their counterparts and don't dry out!

  • 7 Year Pen

    Go through an unreasonable amount of pens in the run of a year? Stop the madness! At a rate of 6 feet of writing per day, this long last, eco-friendly pen can last up to 7 years! It holds a large ink cartridge inside and it made of all around high-quality parts.