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  • Eco-Friendly Dog Bone

    This dog bone is made from a rice husk rubber that is 100% natural. Although quite durable, this means that it contains zero plastic fillers leaving no harmful effects if your dog happens to bite off a piece and swallow it.
  • Eco-Friendly Poop Bags

    These eco-friendly poop bags are made with plant starch and food grade polymers making them completely non-toxic leaving no toxic residues when degrading. The bags are also unscented because "scented poop is still poop!".
  • All-Natural Wool Dog Toy

    Made from 100% boiled wool, these balls are an eco-friendly, all natural, and chemical free dog toy that also helps keep their teeth clean. A great natural alternative that dogs love compared to the plastic or rubber counterparts.
  • Eco Plush Dog Bed

    Even pets can get in on the action of helping to made the world a greener place. This dog bed is made with eco-friendly fabric and also contains 100% recycled soft polyester fill for added cushioning and warmth.